Why Veteran Apparel is Beneficial for Vets

We understand the veteran mindset. In fact, American Valour Apparel is founded, designed, and manufactured by U.S. military veterans. Our brand is centered around pride in country, leadership, and service to your fellow men. Before our official opening, our apparel's pre-sale products unexpectedly sold out rapidly, especially among the veteran community, though our message is designed to fit any lifestyle. It was for this reason that we needed to release our official opening launch sooner than we had announced. So, what is it about American Valour that makes veterans flock to our products?

Military veterans live in a world that is separate from the civilian world in many ways. Not only do they essentially have their own language, but their humor, rationality, and life experiences differ greatly from most civilians. Even within the military community, there are separate sub-communities. Because of the unique lifestyle and mindset that often is associated with the way a veteran's mind has been molded, they often stick together. Additionally, the military lifestyle is not one that is easy. Each and every military member has earned their way to their title in one way or another, and there is much pride to be had with that accomplishment -a pride that is much deserved.

Because of this sense of community, veteran apparel companies are channels to foster the veteran community mindset. Especially for veterans that are no longer serving, veteran inspired apparel is a great way to stay connected with the patriotic fighting spirit of the military. Apparel is one of the most common and effective ways that an individual expresses and identifies themselves to the rest of the world, and apparel for veterans helps to strengthen the veteran community and enhance a sense of belonging. 

At American Valour Apparel, our clothing for veterans represents service, humility, and strength -- crucial personality traits for an effective leader in the military. Those who wear AVA identify with these traits and strive to be the best leaders they can be in whatever capacity they can.